When Jorge Pastor was 12 years old, he met a tennis coach in Colombia who saw his potential and brought him to the US to play a few tournaments. They kept in touch and, on February 2019, the same coach offered him a tennis scholarship. Jorge made his way to a tournament final and needed to borrow a racket to play as he didn’t have his own equipment. That’s when he met our founder, Eric Bouskila.

“My dream is to be a professional tennis player, to be the best professional tennis player I can be. So, yeah, I’m doing a lot of things right now. I’m working, training, playing tournaments and, now, thanks to Eric, looking forward to college.”

Jorge’s opponent in the finals was Eric’s son. Eric watched the match and saw Jorge’s attitude and how passionate of a player he was. Eric was impressed about Jorge’s story and moved by him having to borrow a racket. Jorge didn’t have the funds to buy the equipment he needed to play tennis at his level, so right there and then, Eric decided to sponsor Jorge through ARI Financial Foundation.   That was right before the pandemic hit, and that changed everything. Jorge couldn’t travel to tournaments anymore and had to find other sources of income to support himself, since his family didn’t have the means back in Colombia to help him. Eric then invited Jorge to the office and offered him an internship.

Jorge started his internship in internal audit, making sure every process was in place and checking that all documents, signatures, wires, dates, etc. were correct. To test his potential, Jorge was asked to perform delicate and important checks and he responded extremely well. So now Jorge got the opportunity to start working with client communications. Jorge trains five hours a day, every day. He’s a bright 18 years old who just finished high school and dreams of going to college to study Digital Marketing and being a professional tennis player. The college part is taken care of as the ARI Financial Foundation has just decided to pay for his first-year tuition.

Eric Bouskila is dedicated to giving back to the community. ARI Financial Group commitment extends to not only its employees, partners, and clients, but also focuses on supporting and inspiring the youth. The ARI Financial Foundation proudly invests in philanthropic programs and charitable causes that are in line with our company’s mission and values to serve and support those who need it most.

“Eric doesn’t know how much he changed my life. Maybe where he’s in life right now, the things that he helped me with aren’t big. But to me, they are bigger than anything. It’s been too many years, since I was 10 years old, that I’ve been dreaming and wishing things that I couldn’t have. And now I have the opportunity because he helped me. It’s a dream come true, I’m living my dream, it’s bigger than he can ever imagine.”

- Jorge Pastor