ARI Foundation proudly supports the IMPACT! Scholarship Program from the Friends of Israel Defense Forces

Our founder, Eric Bouskila, always makes it a priority to give back to his community. Hailing from Israel, Eric proudly served the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in an elite paratrooper unit. Since then, he has stayed connected to his roots, supporting IDF initiatives, one of them being the IMPACT! Scholarship Program from the Friends of Israel Defense Forces (FIDF)

Bezalel is the 29-year-old student we were paired with from the IMPACT! Program. Eric and Bezalel recently had the opportunity to meet in person during the IMPACT! Conference in Israel. Shortly after that emotional meeting, Eric received a letter where Bezalel shared more details about his background, field of study, family background, and involvement in volunteer activities. For example, IMPACT! students typically volunteer 130 hours in one of 26 organizations to keep their scholarships.

“This year, I started studying mechanical engineering, and I am the first of my family that goes to the university. The classes are challenging, but I am committed to succeeding. I also chose to volunteer in the “Ha’shomer Hachadash” organization that is helping farmers to keep their land secure from agricultural terrorism. I want to thank you for providing me with a scholarship giving me the chance to secure a great education. My family and I are incredibly grateful.” –– Bezalel

We are moved and excited to follow Bezalel’s college education journey, and we invite you to learn more about how you can too invest in tomorrow’s leaders. There are many great FIDF programs and ways to contribute to this wonderful organization.


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