Elizabeth Torres Named New Agent of The Year for 2016

A Witty Acceptance Speech

Our own Elizabeth Torres as named Guardian’s New Agent of the Year for 2016. Congratulations Elizabeth, it’s an honor to have you as part of our team! Here’s the transcript of her witty acceptance speech.

And our new agent of the year for the fourth year in a row, a woman, welcome to the stage, Liz Torres.

Elizabeth Torres:
Good evening, everyone. I stand here before you guys today very humbled. It’s a true honor for me to stand in front of this Guardian family and accept this prestigious award. I’m very proud to follow the lead of my colleague and previous winner, last year’s recipient, Marlene Windmiller as a second woman, consecutively to become agent of the year for National Financial Network and ARI Financial Group. I have received many acknowledgements in my professional career, but nothing like this and nothing where I’m talking to over a thousand people in a room. In my short three years with Guardian, I’ve had the opportunity to listen to some great speakers. Some of these speakers have literally brought me to tears. If there’s something I’ve learned is that it takes a lot of perseverance to do what we do.

Success professionally does not always equate success personally. To some degree, we all deal with children, spouses, aging parents, sickness, and many other aspects of all of our lives. But all of us here, today, have persevered and made it happen to be here. I’m standing here alone to accept this award, but by no means, was this an individual effort.

First and foremost, I like to thank my mentor, Eric Bouskila. If anyone has ever met Eric, which I’m sure most of you have, you know, he’s quite a character. Sometimes this is a good thing. And sometimes it’s not so good, but I’ll tell you one thing: it’s never a dull moment working with this guy. I’m not sure what he saw in me in our first meeting, but he offered me this opportunity almost right on the spot. I was hesitant at first. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to become an FR, but even though I wasn’t sure he took me under his wing and taught me everything I know about the business today. In hindsight, I think he knew that I would take the leap if you ask him, I’m sure he’ll tell you. He always knew I would do it and a running joke between us and I hate to say this, but when he’s right, he’s right. And this time I’m glad you were right. Thank you so much for always believing in me and guiding me along the way.

I’d also like to thank Tony Mazzei for having faith in me and accepting me in the NatFin family. I couldn’t be working with a better GA or group of people. I remember meeting Tony about three years ago. I sat in his office and I recall him telling me about his personal challenges and successes with Guardian. He was so genuine and real. I remember thinking, well, this is either a really nice guy, he’s selling me the heck out of this company and this job. Three years later, I know that Tony is genuinely a great person and I’m happy to be part of this team. Thank you, Tony. Although he did sell me the heck out of Guardian in that meeting, I’ll tell you that much. How could I not join such a fantastic company between Eric and Tony? If I didn’t become an FR for Guardian, I was a fool. They convinced me that I couldn’t be part of a better company or more solid institution. They were right over and over. I’m reminded of what a great company we work for. There are a couple of other people in the NatFin family that were instrumental to my success. I’d like to thank Veronica Chang, Chris Cafiero and of course, Mr. Victor Ehrlich from the bottom of my heart. I want to thank each of you for helping me with my success last year, especially Victor for constantly reminding me of my case count up until the last week of December. Super stressful!

They could not be here with me today, last but not least, I would like to thank my parents. Two of the most amazing people that I know. They came to this country over 50 years ago and through hard work and sacrifice, they gave me the best life. They were always pushing me to strive for better and giving me the opportunities that they did not or could not have. They have always supported and believed in me and raised me to be a strong and independent woman. Some people that know me may say they definitely accomplished a strong woman part.

This is an emotional business. In many cases, we know our clients intimately. And in many cases they become our personal friends. I’ve heard this over and over among speakers before me. And it’s so true. What we do change people’s lives. And it’s amazing to me that I’m a facilitator in this change. Tony said something this year in his annual ceremony in January that resonated with me: life is made of moments. And this is one moment I’ll never forget.

Thank you so much.


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