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As a business owner, you recognize that the people you work with may be your most important asset. At ARI Financial, we believe in the power of investing in people. Our advanced life insurance concepts offer business owners the options they need to help recruit, retain, and reward employees through retirement and prepare for business succession should the unexpected occur. ARI Financial has provided generations of business owners the security that only permanent life protection can bring.

No matter your business, well-conceived insurance and benefits programs are essential. Although there are many ways to structure our advanced life insurance concepts to work with your business, some of our popular options are: Defined Benefit Plans, Executive Bonus Strategies, Key Man Insurance, and Funded Buy-Sell Agreements.

Are you looking for more income tax deductions for your business? ARI Financial strategies allow business owners to deduct well over the typical retirement limits. A defined benefit plan is a retirement plan that can be used to maximize your business tax deductions and retirement contributions. This fully insured plan consists of both life insurance contracts and/or annuities. Our plans are guaranteed with no correlation to the market, and our plans are fully insured and completely funded in the event the unexpected occurs.

Defined Benefit Retirement Plan Advantages:

  • Deductions over $100K
  • Maximize retirement contributions
  • Guaranteed benefits (through life insurance and/or annuities)
  • NOT exposed to market volatility
  • Retirement plan with a death benefit
  • Improve employee morale and retain key employees

Keep and recruit the best and brightest employees with an executive bonus plan. Under this strategy, the business owner provides select employees with an incentive by allocating funds to purchase a life insurance product. Your employees will appreciate the ability to obtain a life insurance product they control. And you, as the business owner, will enjoy an immediate income tax deduction for the employee bonus and the freedom from further administration and benefits tracking. An executive benefit plan, used effectively, can be an invaluable tool to attract and retain the key executives that the continued success of your company depends on.

Executive Bonus Strategy Advantages:

  • Simple to implement and easy to administer
  • Business can selectively choose the key employees they wish to reward
  • Bonus payments are fully deductible expenses for the company
  • The key employee can choose a beneficiary
  • Access to cash value without income tax through policy loans and withdraws
  • No subject to qualified plan limits

Our Key Man Insurance strategy is targeted for those select employees with special skills, knowledge, or relationships that would be difficult or expensive to replace. “Key people” include those individuals whose expertise is invaluable to the business’ continued financial success. Should the unexpected occur, there would be a detrimental impact on the profitability of the business due to the lack of the key person’s contribution. Examples of key individuals include but are not limited to: founders and partners, company directors, sales directors, IT specialists, managing directors, heads of product development, and other titles. Consequently, this solution is well-suited for those companies that rely heavily on one individual.

Your partnership has progressed and prospered due to your savvy planning and dedication. ARI Financial Group’s advanced life insurance concepts can protect your business’s continued financial success in various custom-made business strategies. Designing a business continuation plan is a crucial step to ensure your business remains intact throughout retirement and other triggering events.

By arranging a buy-sell agreement using life insurance, ARI Financials’ strategists will help you protect your business, your partners, and your family. When a buy-sell agreement is funded with life insurance, the policy proceeds are used to buy out the business interest of another owner who retires, becomes disabled, or passes away. In the instance that a triggering event does not occur and you choose to retire, the cash value of the life insurance policy can be accessed by the use of partial withdrawals and policy loans to provide a down payment to help fund the buyout of your share of the business.

Life insurance is potentially the least costly method of funding a buy-sell agreement which makes the necessary dollars available at the exact time funds are most needed (typically at the passing of a co-owner).

Funded Buy-Sell Agreement Advantages:

  • Cash is immediately available to purchase a deceased owner’s interest.
  • Death benefit proceeds from the life insurance policy are generally income tax-free and if properly structured, may also be free from estate taxes.
  • No financial strain on the buyer at the time of purchase.
  • Cash value accumulations can be used as a substantial down payment in the event of other triggering events, such as disability or retirement.
  • Choice of a wide variety of life insurance products to meet the funding need.

Our advanced life insurance concepts
offer the business owners the options
they need to help recruit, retain,
and reward employees.