Community Involvement

At ARI Financial Group, we take pride in our communities. We support them. We are actively involved in them, and we appreciate them. From our founding moment, we knew what it meant to be a part of our community. Our founder, Eric Bouskila, served in the Israel Defense Forces, and has regularly supported the Israeli-American Council. Additionally, he is the one of the founders of the Mount Sinai Medical Center Foundation, one of the most reputable health organizations in the nation.

ARI Financial Group abides by the philosophy that we have a fundamental responsibility to help our clients and our communities navigate a complex global economy by addressing the economic and social challenges that face them. We use our network, expertise, relationships and access to capital to make a positive impact every day. Most of all, we enjoy building pathways to opportunity by supporting and developing charities in our own backyard.

We are proud to be sponsoring local charities such as the Perez Art Museum in Miami, whose efforts have made them the largest provider of art education in the city. They have helped sculpt the minds of over 130,000 children since their opening, and we are thrilled to play a part in helping that number grow. Additionally, we are partnered with organizations such as the Nicklaus Children’s hospital, securing funds that go towards promoting the health and wellness of the community.

Our hope is that we can continue to serve the community to the best of our ability, creating and fostering lasting partnerships that can make a difference to as many lives as possible.

At ARI Financial Group, we take pride in
our communities. We support them.

Business Partnerships

ARI Financial Group has become a reputable source for those seeking to learn more about advanced life insurance strategies and Premium Financing. Consequently, we are highly experienced in working as an outside consulting firm for high-end private banks.

Collaboration is a key part of our success

Collaboration is a key part of our success. Over the years, ARI Financial Group has developed relationships with top-tier business affiliates to complement our own seasoned team of proven professionals with backgrounds in law, finance, accounting, asset management, and tax planning. We know how to bring together the talent our clients need to handle their financing and insurance in the most efficient way possible.

Our partnerships include relationships with family offices, advisors, law firms, CPAs, sports agents, asset managers and private bankers. Every member of our network forms a valuable part of our team, and helps us reach the highest echelon of service we know our clients deserve.