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Christian Santillan

Sr. Financial Strategist


As the Sr. Financial Strategist at ARI Financial Group, Christian spearheads the creation of tailor-made life insurance portfolios for advisors and high-net-worth individuals. Christian’s analytical skills emerge as he develops personalized financial strategies to optimize clients’ financial well-being while actively supporting his colleagues to achieve shared success.


Currently pursuing his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification, Christian holds a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in Finance from Florida International University. His expertise extends beyond accounting and finance; Christian brings a holistic perspective to insurance portfolio building, drawn from hands-on experience in the intricate world of insurance and financial services. He began his professional journey at ARI Financial Group in 2019, where he transitioned from staff accountant to a role as a controller in a fintech boutique specializing in whole life cash value lending, where he gained two years of valuable experience before rejoining ARI Financials’ Advanced Planning Team in 2023.


Beyond his professional commitments, Christian embraces an active lifestyle, maintaining balance through soccer, running, and a dedication to fitness. He firmly believes that a harmonious life leads to greater overall success, aligning his personal pursuits with his dedication to financial health.